The Best type of Coffee

What’s more classic than a good cup of coffee in the morning to start your day,for those coffee addicts it can bring back color to their day, draw a smile on their faces and give them the boost of energy. But that cup of coffee can either make your day better or worse, so it’s also about what kind of coffee you like to drink or what do you add to your coffee.

So I will talk you through the best type of coffee in my opinion and why breakfast blend k cups are a cult favourite of mine as well as many people around the world.

We all know espresso, the Italian coffee and Italians know their coffee well that this kind of coffee is not only the best but the most consumed coffee in the world.

Espresso is a strong black coffee made in an espresso machine by forcing steam through mild coffee beans at a very high pressure that’s why we got that dark coffee with gold topping.

Many will say that an espresso cannot be made without the machine and the special beans but trust me the taste of this coffee is so worth it that you will actually shop for an espresso machine Moreover the idea that espresso is made only with dark roast is a mistake,you can make espresso with any medium to light roasts and it taste as good if not better. It also depends on the mood of espresso you’re in but don’t limit yourself to get a tasty espresso.

So what does this espresso taste like? Well, espresso taste is a balance between sweet and bitter.

Drinking an espresso is an intense experience that some people are scared to try, but for those people who like strong flavours, this coffee was made for them.

What makes espresso so special is that you can also make several drinks with an espresso base,maybe most people are aware of this but lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos and mocha coffees are made from espresso, so in all those drinks you get that flavours and that taste you find in a regular espresso but with more ingredients that can please everyone.

So to have your shot of espresso you can add another ingredient and dive in a completely new taste experience.To me that’s what having a cup of coffee should be all about.

So when we take a look back, espresso is not only a type of coffee but a method of preparing so many coffee drinks.

Add milk to your espresso, and you have a cappuccino, add water, and you have an Americano, so this coffee is an inspiration to a wide variety of tastes and flavours. That’s what made it stand amoung all the different kinds of coffee around the world and leave a strong mark in the industry of coffee and of course most importantly being a part of our daily routine.

Shout out to the aliens for the espresso and shout out to every espresso lover, you choose the best kind.