Why you should eat more cheese

Choosing cheeses of different types and textures will serve to create greater interest. The variety of cheeses you choose should be from different kinds of milk, such as cow, goat, and sheep. Include cheeses that are soft, semi-soft/semi-firm, firm and hard. Plan on serving approximately one ounce of each cheese per person.

Accompaniments should not only complement the flavors of the cheeses you are serving but should enhance them The best way to see if the accompaniment works well with a particular cheese is simply to taste them together. If you like the flavor combination, then odds are your guests will too. Traditional accompaniments for cheeses include bread, crackers, cured meats, honey, olives, fruit, nuts and roasted vegetables.

If you love cheese accept its delicate nuances, then you will love our short, curated list of the Types of Cheese for you. The feeling in creating this list has been a personal journey of realization of the implications cheese has to culinary expressions apart from the gastronomic know-how of discovery exotic kinds of cheese.

While Cheese Connoisseurs are understood to lean towards the classic tastes of the hard and semi-hard cheese kinds such as Le Gruyere, the majority cheese eaten is of the soft cheese variety.

Therefore, in the journey of learning about cheese, the first step is to understand the different types Of Cheese and why you should eat more cheese (be sure to google for Cheese Sydney to learn more).

The classic way to classify cheese is the method adopted to process the cheese.

Types of Cheese: According To production procedure

Fresh Cheese: The most easily affordable and perhaps the most regularly used kind of cheese is fresh cheese. The exceptional way of this cheese is that it is not aged.

The common fresh cheese types are chevre, the goat cheese variety, ricotta, queso Blanco, cottage cheese as well as Fromage Blanc.

These cheese are to be eaten within days, while mozzarella, has to be used within a few days after it is produced. Feta is another option, for it can last in brine for months.

Fresh cheeses are typically used in making salad and in the making food.

Semisoft Cheese: These kinds of cheese retain more moisture and carries mild flavors, besides melting easily.

The different types of Semisoft Cheese are Goudas, Monterey Jack or the Colby cheese.

These are best for use in the sandwich or grilled cheese varieties.
Soft or Ripened Cheese are white and have a rind, which is bloomy. These cheeses are creamier and are special because of these cheese cure from the outside. Cheese typically cures inside-out. This process of curing, where mold (Penicillium candid dum) forms on the surface, therefore give it that creaminess.

Tender cheese varieties are the Camembert and Brie.

Surface-ripened Cheese: are cheese varieties with textured rind. The flavor of this cheese is unique to the yeasty-fungus growth of geo tri chum, which gives it a mushroom taste or a goat-cheese taste. These cheeses are small-sized and barely weigh 6 ounces. They come in a pyramid or cylindrical shapes.

Most goat cheeses are of this type and include the Loire Cheese, Vermont Butter or the Italian Cheese La Tur.